Cryptanalysis of coronavirus


by Elena Larina


In collaboration with Vladimir Ovchinsky

Behind the scenes of a pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is a complex and dangerous process. When discussing it, there is no place for hype, hatering, cheap conspiracy theories and amateurish reasoning. Virologists and physicians should speak out about epidemics. Therefore, let us leave the epidemiological aspects of the coronavirus proper to virologists, and turn to the cryptanalysis of the coronavirus.

Cryptanalysis deals with subtle, encrypted or carefully hidden aspects of events, situations or processes that are important for global dynamics. Without claiming to be a complete and detailed analysis of the cryptanalysts of the coronavirus, we will draw the attention of thoughtful readers to some strange facts. They are still being ignored on the agenda set by mainstream media and leading politicians.

For simplicity and clarity, we will not spread over the tree, but we will present cryptanalytic riddles clearly, clearly and with reference to sources.

The first riddle. In 1981, one of the most popular American actors of techno-thrillers and scientific horror, rival Stephen King - Dean Kunz wrote the novel “Eyes of Darkness”. The famous best-selling author in the late nineties slightly corrected the original text of the novel, bringing it in line with new realities. It was in this form that the novel was published in our country back in the zero years. Events in the novel revolve around an unauthorized leak from the stores of one of the Pentagon's contractors of a Chinese war virus called Wuhan-400. This virus acted very selectively, killing some and modifying the organisms of others. 

Regarding reality, the following is known. At the beginning of March, when the epidemic in China was already taken under control and the first tangible successes appeared, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian suggested that the US military brought a new type of coronavirus to the Chinese city of Wuhan.

At the same time, specialists in the field of genetic engineering and investigative journalists know exactly the following. The Wuhan Institute of Virology, including one working for defense, has close ties with the Galverston National Laboratory at the University of Texas, one of the Pentagon’s largest biological defense and synthetic biology contractors. Obviously, we are dealing with a coincidence, but as Carl Jung wrote, sometimes the future opens up to science fiction writers through synchrony.

The second riddle. Typically, leaders of major powers and leading politicians try to make the most balanced, responsible, truthful, and at the same time calm statements about processes that can cause public panic. 

At the end of the first decade of March, the usually restrained and cautious Angela Merkel suddenly announced that 60-70% of Germans could become infected with a coronavirus, and a certain part of them would die, since in the near future the medicine for coronavirus, even if created, will not be available to the general public . Angela Merkel is not alone in her alarmism.

Donald Trump, according to the presidential pool of journalists in his speeches recently, demonstrates a clear misunderstanding of the processes and an obvious confusion. The same vice president Mike Pence is much more confident, businesslike and active. It was he who led the White House working group on the fight against coronavirus.

A few days ago, the leading British government center for public health, Public Health England, prepared for leadership a report that states:

“It is expected that up to 80% of the population will be infected with Covid-19 over the next 12 months and up to 15% (7.9 million people) will be hospitalized due to their serious condition”

It is clear that such speeches and documents only kindle panic among the population, have a devastating effect on financial and economic markets, and literally plunge management structures into a stupor. Those. leading politicians say and do exactly the opposite of what responsible leaders must do in times of crisis.

The riddle of the third. On October 18, 2019, in New York, the Johns Hopkins University Health Safety Center (it is by its resources that the whole world is now tracking the coronavirus epidemic), in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, hosted the Event 201 event about responding to a high-level pandemic. 

The meeting was held as a kind of strategic game. During the game, the process of spreading a pandemic of a stable virus transmitted by airborne droplets, as well as with handshakes and other tactile contacts, was simulated. A feature of the virus was the lack of an effective vaccine and selective mortality, mainly associated with individuals whose immunity is weakened.

The business game, held on October 18, was attended by a group of politicians, business leaders and health officials from leading countries of the world, whose list is partially classified. However, videos from the event are still available online.

As told Eric Toner, senior fellow at the Center for Health Security at Hopkins University:

“At first, the new virus will be difficult to recognize, because it looks like flu or SARS, but more deadly. In simulating the spread of the virus and the efforts of doctors and epidemiologists to combat it, 65 million people died in the developing world in the first 18 months. According to the results of the game, the virus surpassed the deadliest pandemic in history – the Spanish flu of 1918. ”

It is important to note this. The game was held on October 18 last year, when not a single case of coronavirus was recorded. When the epidemic began, the mainstream global media, demonstrating the deserted cities of China, carefully created the image of the American and European public about the locality of this dangerous phenomenon. Moreover, not a single mainstream media, not to mention the largest video platforms, has not yet connected the computer emulation of Event 201 with what is unfolding around the world in real time.

The fourth riddle, the shortest and at the same time the most sinister. Among the organizers of Event 201 and the development of a vaccine against coronavirus, one of the key places is occupied by Bill and Melinda Gates. 

Few people know, but back in 2010, Bill Gates, who did not spoil his audience with speeches too often, nevertheless made an exception for the TED conference, the most popular in America and accessible via the Internet to millions of users around the world.

Here is one of the key findings of this important report of Bill Gates:

“A huge problem is demography. Now 6.8 billion people live in the world. Soon the number will increase to 9 billion. However, if we do a lot of high-quality work on the development of reproductive health services, changes in health systems and the release of new mass vaccines, we will be able to reduce population growth by at least 10-15% ”

After performing simple arithmetic calculations, it can be calculated that effective vaccination should reduce the population growth by about 200-300 million people, according to Gates.

After the epidemic began to decline in China, the global media switched to Italy. The Apennines have become the main newsmakers in the field of coronavirus. In the summer of 2019, the European Commission began urgently to develop measures in relation to Italy, designed to prevent default of this country. Italy in the last few years has become a sick person in Europe.

The country has one of the highest levels of external debt in Europe. It accounts for approximately 135% of the country’s GDP. And this is when the growth rate of GDP and the chronic instability of governments are decreasing from year to year. They were planning to treat Italy with severe shock therapy methods similar to those that were used for Greece and are offered for Ukraine. And then came the coronavirus. Now the European Central Bank and the EU leadership have decided on a large-scale emission of the euro, as well as restructuring and even writing off various debts in order to save the Community economy.

Just the other day, the focus of coronavirus coverage has shifted to the United States. A few days later, namely, March 16, which in the future will undoubtedly be called “Black Monday”, the largest stock market crash in history occurred. The lost capitalization gains of overseas securities markets that Donald Trump was so proud of.

It was with these achievements that he linked confidence in re-election to the presidency. The main thing is that before our eyes the coronavirus landed the virtual economy of the USA and returned the understanding of the values ​​of real production, including construction, radio electronics, food, clothing, etc. – all that has largely left America, having moved to Asia and Mexico.

Although Trump so far speaks only of a recession, the vast majority of serious economists believe that America and the world have entered into a full-blown, above all, economic, associated with real production, as well as financial and economic crisis.

This is interesting. Among investors and economists, the resource enjoys great trust and continued popularity. According to resource analysts who have learned to masterfully clean government statistics of workloads and falsifications, over the past year and a half, the U.S. economy has balanced at the recession level, and at the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020. at least in terms of the real economy, it entered into a crisis, potentially fraught with the collapse of financial and stock markets. Subscribers of the paid resource newsletter familiarized themselves with this rating as early as Christmas 2019.

Media platforms and social networks are full of anger and indignation of the Americans, who rightly believe that financiers, the so-called bankers, and irresponsible politicians have led the country to serious trials in a situation that, because of the polarization of voters, is called the Cold Civil War. And then came the coronavirus.

We tried to bring into a single coherent whole not considerations and judgments, but facts and cross-confirmed events, carefully concealed by mainstream media. Aristotle, the first cryptanalyst in history, said that knowledge begins with surprise. We will be surprised and learn what is happening here and now, at this apparently turning point in History.

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